Tutorial Photoshop : Membuat efek kertas kusut



ga’ pake’ basa basi….. download aja file doc nya….. ntar bacanya pas offline kn enak….



MTV Celebrity Death Match

Hehe 😀
This game is very funny….. in this game u will choice a celebrity who will fight for you lol

but this is not fight like usual but this fight is to death match…… but this game is still funny….


Try this

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Hacker Evolution Untold

prorat prorat8 prorat10

This software is use to attack more than standar computer…. This software is more strongest than Paki Hacking Toolkit

It can turn into a HTML, Scipt, PHP etc…. and it can attack Semi Super Computer who connect to internet…

With this u can attack their database and surely u can send your virus to work on victim’s computer

Download Link


Dont Foget to download the Keygen too



Mumbai Police Salary accounts Hacked, money withdrawn in Greece

VT Point-of-Purchase Credit Card Payment Processing Services
Cybercriminals have reportedly targeted the Salary accounts of Mumbai Police and managed to withdraw money from their account.

According to NDTV report, cybercriminals have managed to withdraw money from Axis bank accounts of at least 14 Policemen from ATMs in Greece.

It appears hackers in Greece – See more at: http://www.ehackingnews.com/2013/06/mumbai-police-salary-accounts-hacked.html#sthash.unMOGxjN.dpuf

Edward Snowden asylum : Hongkong, Ecuador and Iceland

Edward Snowden asylum, Hong Kong reject, Ecuador ready and approaches Iceland
 Edward Snowden, an American former contractor for the National Security Agency (NSA), came forward as the whistle-blower in one of the biggest internal leaks in U.S. intelligence history now seeking asylum
According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Snowden would not be given preferential treatment if he were to apply for asylum in Hong Kong. 
He seems to have complete and total trust in the Hong Kong political and judiciary system

UK public must be persuaded on GM, says environment secretary


The government has a duty to explain the benefits of genetically modified crops to the British people, Environment Secretary Owen Paterson is to say.

In a speech today, he will argue that GM has significant benefits for farmers, consumers and the environment.

The UK and Europe risk being left behind unless the technology is embraced, he will say.

But green groups say this new push for GM is dangerous and misguided.

The environment secretary has never

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Singapore haze at worst yet, Malaysia schools shut

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SINGAPORE (AP) — Singapore is urging people to remain indoors amid unprecedented levels of air pollution after a smoky haze wrought by forest fires in neighboring Indonesia worsened dramatically. Nearby Malaysia has closed 200 schools.

Singapore’s main measure for air pollution surged to an all-time high Thursday afternoon and breached a “hazardous” classification that can aggravate respiratory ailments.

Business and flights have not been disrupted, but the smog has strained diplomatic ties between Singapore and

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Snow In Saudi Arabia

People-play-with-snow-after-a-heavy-snowstorm-in-the-desert-near-Tabuk-1500-km-932-miles-from-Riyadh. 1 1357742133999194200_0
Al Arabiya

Saudi Arabia’s northwestern city of Hael was covered with snow Sunday after almost three days of unrelenting weather conditions, according to Al Arabiya correspondents.

A number of provinces in the kingdom have been hit with floods and hailstones as temperatures dropped dramatically.

People have posted pictures on Twitter and other social networking sites showing snow allegedly taken in Saudi Arabia’s Hael.

Meanwhile, a video posted online and broadcast by Al Arabiya TV on Sunday exhibited a group of men working together to form a human chain and save others who had been trapped by the floods.

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