Client side attack with Metaspolit

This is a tutorial on basic metaspolit client side attack using backtrack 5
in my case
i m gonna send a payload bound to an executable file, to the slave. if the slave opens the file the payload will be executed and it will give us a meterpreter session

 open terminal and type

cd /pentest/exploits/framework



Follow the image


To get your wan IP address klik HERE

I use The windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp because this PAYLOAD which will give us a tcp meterpreter session on execution..

Now we can see an executable file in your root folder named payload.exe … now we have to send this executable to victim ….

i m using a FUD binder to bind the payload with another executable file

i m using putty a ssh client  to spoof the victim and to evade anti virus

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Hacker Evolution Untold

prorat prorat8 prorat10

This software is use to attack more than standar computer…. This software is more strongest than Paki Hacking Toolkit

It can turn into a HTML, Scipt, PHP etc…. and it can attack Semi Super Computer who connect to internet…

With this u can attack their database and surely u can send your virus to work on victim’s computer

Download Link

Dont Foget to download the Keygen too


Freedownload DDOS ATTACK (

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DDOS Attack is a hacker method for attack a server IP… Ddos is synonymous with a virus attack. Actually Ddos means Distributed Denial of Service that can happen due to several reasons. It is not easy to guard against these denial of service attacks, because setting up the network by attacking the attacker based on the fact that many machines are not secure or not and have flaws. These faults are so numerous and secondly there are so many vulnerable machines on the Internet that it becomes impossible to prevent such attacks.


Link Download


Pinch_2_Pro Builder


Pinch 2 Pro Builder is a software who can make virus…… whatever virus u make… it will not attack your computer…. this software have 1 database who can remember your IP address…. so if u instal this software in other computer .. the virus will attack your self……

and the solution is…. install this software in your computer really yours computer….. and put the virus in USB then…. if u want to attack other computer (STANDART COMPUTER ONLY) u just plug your USB ……

Try this…. this software is awesome… u will get many many data of your victim …

Except not important data…. like notepad,wordpad, paint, photos in (gif)…. but JPEG is still can u get….

Good luck …..


here the link

Extrem URL Generator (Special Edition)

extreme_url_generator-52107-2 extreme_url_generator-21747


URL Generator…..  if u want to make some hacking software… u must have this item…

with URL Generator u can connect your software to internet.. and u can edit and generate the URL to be what u want… so if u can change URL and generate it… u can hack website with small security…..  ( SMALL SECURITY ) if u get a notification like this ” MD5 lost in generate ” that is mean your target is more stronger than your hacking software…. so u must edit your URL Generator Index to make your hacking software more stronger…..

My advice…. use delay in last line to make the target server busy…. take 15 minutes… in (ms)….. i think that is enough for beginner… lol

Try This…..

Just For Education….

Abf Password


Abf Password recovery is software who can recover any lost password

so….. it can be use to looking for password of standart computer….. remember that…. STANDART COMPUTER

There is also a password recovery package with full install and uninstall support. The installer automatically copies all files into the installation folder that you select, and creates a start menu folder with shortcuts to the all installed utilities and help files. The uninstaller removes all files, including the configuration files (.cfg) of each utility. The installer created with Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS).

If u need this…. take it…. It’s Free