Backdoor Guard v1.0.0.2


BackdoorGuard Award-Winning Firewall Software. Prevents Hackers and
Adware Communications.

It can Stops viruses and worms, and protects against
emerging viruses before they attack. Easy-to-use firewall blocks hackers and other unknown threats.

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PLC ( Programmable Logic Controller )

PLC ( Programmable Logic Controller ) is a hardware who can control by logic program jeje 😀

in my country PLC use to control big machine like water generator, wind generator etc

How PLC work ?

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Paki Hacking Tool kit

ImagePaki Hacking Tool kit is very strong to attack DOS of many computer with standart IP…. it can be work with connect your computer to internet and search victim IP from IP tracer( if u have not an IP tracer you can download it below )

Paki Hacking Tool kit can transfer data and it can transfer virus to victim’s computer but your IP who attack victim’s computer will show in victim computer….. so… u must download ( IPHide.exe first…. u can download it from this blog too.. )

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Answer for Error Hard Disk 1 Quick (303) HP Support

I owned a HP Pavilion dm4, 64-bits, running on windows 7 home edition. My house had a power trip two days back which caused my laptop to switched off without warning. I managed to start up immediately after, but now when I tried to start it up, it won’t budge at all. The startup repair option does not load. It just stuck on a blue screen with cursor( normally after the blue screen the HP recovery tool will load but now it don’t). safe mode doesn’t work. basically nothing works…
Did test on hard drive, and it says error hard disk 1 quick (303). From what I saw in the forum it means my hard disk is dead. :smileysad: So I’m wondering if I should send it to HP for repair or change the hard disk myself. I have assignments due in a week time so the deadline is kind of tight if I were to send for repair. any idea?

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(verse 1)
i remembered black skies / the lightning all around me
i remembered each flash / as time began to blur
like a startling sign / that fate had finally found me
and your voice was all i heard / that i get what i deserve

so give me reason
to prove me wrong
to wash this memory clean
let the thoughts cross
the distance in your eyes
give me reason
to fill this hole
connect the space between
let it fill up to reach the truth and lies
across this new divide



Bahasan kali ini adalah tentang Cara Membuat Kabel USB 10 Meter. Mungkin anda pernah mengalami, pada waktu menghubungkan flashdisk atau modem ke perpanjangan kabel USB ( USB Extender ) ternyata perangkat tersebut tidak dikenali oleh komputer anda, padahal flashdisk, modem dan port USBnya bekerja dengan baik. Mengapa hal ini bisa terjadi ?

Tidak dikenalinya flashdisk, modem atau perangkat USB lainnya ketika kita menghubungkan dengan perpanjangan kabel USB ( USB Extender ) disebabkan oleh kualitas kabel USB extender yang kurang baik sehingga terjadi penurunan arus yang mengakibatkan perangkat USB kita tidak dapat bekerja dengan sempurna. Akibatnya, perangkat USB kita menjadi tidak dapat dikenali ( USB can not recognized )

Kabel USB extender pabrikan 10 meter belum tentu kualitasnya bagus dan belum tentu cocok untuk perangkat USB kita. Secara harga kabel USB extender 10 meter juga terbilang mahal yaitu 100 ribu lebih. Ukuran diameter tembaga yang kecil dan kualitas grounding yang kurang baik menyebabkan kabel USB extender yang dijual dipasaran kurang mampu mendriver modem dalam jarak lebih dari 1 meter atau modem tidak akan dikenali.

Bagaimana cara mengatasinya :


Penyebab Harddisk Seagate yang Konslet :

Adanya kelebihan tegangan dari power supply yang menuju ke harddisk (Over Voltage)
Persiapan Alat :

  1. Obeng bintang : untuk membuka sekrup board harddisk.
  2. Multitester : untuk cek komponen dioda yang konslet.
  3. Solder dan Timah / tenol : digunakan untuk mengganti komponen yg rusak.
  4. Spare part dioda 1A – 2A : beli ditoko elektronik.

 Cara Service Harddisk Seagate yang Konslet :

  • Untuk harddisk konslet yang letak komponennya ada di bagian dalam, anda perlu membuka sekrup di boardnya.