Extrem URL Generator (Special Edition)

extreme_url_generator-52107-2 extreme_url_generator-21747


URL Generator…..  if u want to make some hacking software… u must have this item…

with URL Generator u can connect your software to internet.. and u can edit and generate the URL to be what u want… so if u can change URL and generate it… u can hack website with small security…..  ( SMALL SECURITY ) if u get a notification like this ” MD5 lost in generate ” that is mean your target is more stronger than your hacking software…. so u must edit your URL Generator Index to make your hacking software more stronger…..

My advice…. use delay in last line to make the target server busy…. take 15 minutes… in (ms)….. i think that is enough for beginner… lol

Try This…..

Just For Education….


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