The Excellencies all of juries

And my beloved brothers and sisters

Assalamu’alaikum. Wr. Wb.

First of all the praises be expressed to Allah almighty the lord and the world and the creature of the universe and everything in it who has told us about anything among the good and bad in his holly book.

Secondly, peace and great always be given to his massage Muhammad SAW who had made the being change for the human’s future until we can different everything which right and false for our life’s

And the next, before I am going to begin my speech I want to deliver my thank to master of ceremony who has allowed me to speak in front of you all on the title


Do you know? Why we must love Allah?

We know and understand about it.

Allah loves us very much! He created animals, the fruits and everything for us. He provided the water so we could drink while we felt thirsty he provided the rice so we could eat while we felt hungry. And Allah created the ears so we could hear good voice and everything else Allah also created for us the eyes so…. We could see everything around us.

Moreover Allah created the tongue and the mouth, so we could speak, talk and say about everything with our teacher, our friends, our parents, and our family.

سبحان الله……………Allah created  the sun shines along day, and Allah also created  the moon shines along  night

Allah gave us everything that we needed, so, we must love Allah by doing all of our obligation as the creature of him. As long as we knew that the first purpose of Allah in creating the creatures is worship of him. Isn’t it? Yes it is

Said in al-Quran

وما خلقت الجن والإ نس إلا ليعبدون

Ok……….happy audiences

Our God created this world and He also created us to live in this world so why don’t we love him?

He has given us his mercy and did everything in our life, therefore let’s dedicate our love just for Allah.

As Moslem we have to leave his prohibition and do our obligation as well as possible because Allah has given us the good mind to different everything who false or right in our life surely. By good behavior we could be good Moslem who loves to Allah and being loved by Allah amin.

But we had to know that the good behavior only isn’t enough to be the good Moslem, we had to do the five pillars in Islam. Those are:


ü  Reading of confession or testimony

It means that we witness there is no God other than Allah and the prophet Muhammad is his messenger

أشهد ان لا اله إلا الله و أشهد ان محمد رسول الله                                                             

ü  Praying

And also we should know that the best thing as our prophet said is “PRAYING ON TIME”

So don’t ever waste our time because a minute that we have today isn’t the minute that we had yesterday.

ü  Tithe

Now we ought to remember that our properties belong to our God he just entrust all to

us so we can be philanthropist  or we will be the stingy man.

ü  Fasting in Ramadan

This word always heard by us but have we don’t do this duty?

Actually our God order us to do it until we can feel what the poor man feels even if he feel hungry but there is nothing they can eat.

Our Moslem brothers and sisters .The last pillars of Islam is

ü  Pilgrimage to Mecca

This pillar is a special thing for a human who able to do it whit the kinds of rich and money in his hand.


Alright happy audiences

Now let’s start our behavior and try to be good and the best Moslem over Allah and for our selves

And may our God help us in everything that we need until we are able to love him and being loved by Allah.


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