Client side attack with Metaspolit

This is a tutorial on basic metaspolit client side attack using backtrack 5
in my case
i m gonna send a payload bound to an executable file, to the slave. if the slave opens the file the payload will be executed and it will give us a meterpreter session

 open terminal and type

cd /pentest/exploits/framework



Follow the image


To get your wan IP address klik HERE

I use The windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp because this PAYLOAD which will give us a tcp meterpreter session on execution..

Now we can see an executable file in your root folder named payload.exe … now we have to send this executable to victim ….

i m using a FUD binder to bind the payload with another executable file

i m using putty a ssh client  to spoof the victim and to evade anti virus

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